Capturing a child’s beauty, innocence, mischievous smile and wonderous eyes is at the very heart of Pixelight Photography. Being able to truly connect with the person in front of the camera, so that the camera itself is forgotten – replaced with genuine smiles and confidence!

We offer portrait packages for both indoor studio setup and outdoor locations, with the latter becoming our most popular option by having portraits taken in the natural beauty of a park, field or nature reserve for example!

People have individual portraits done for a number of reasons these days – to update their online profiles for example, or perhaps they simply want to feel glamorous and retain that moment forever. Headshots for corporate and commercial work are also very popular, and no longer need to look like the stuffy head and shoulders shot of someone in front of a pale blue screen – that look is dated and Pixelight Photography will not have a blue screen in sight! For business headshots, we offer a mixture of urban and rural photography – ranging in setting from coffee shops to offices, company buildings to cornfields. No matter the choice of location, we work with you to ensure you are relaxed and put your mind at rest knowing that we will work with you to match your headshots with the brand you are creating. Part of the benefits of working for Cole’s Classroom as a Photography Mentor, is that Edel works in the realm of branding, rebranding and marketing every single day – so when taking the shot, she does so with a vision in mind that you share together – resulting in a headshot that puts YOU at the forefront of YOUR business and YOUR brand. 

Packages start at £145

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