Or at least some reasons why it’s a miracle it EVER gets written!

Starting a blog sounds simple – it’s just writing, right? And you’d think with my background, I’ve been a journalist AND an English teacher in my past life – that writing a blog must be the most natural thing in the world to me. Eh, not so much!

You see, there are a number of factors that get in the way of me writing a fantastically funny, authentic and relatable piece of writing worthy of my website.

  1. Being a perfectionist is the first problem. I think of all the other GREAT blogs I’ve read online, and try to come up with the magic formula that makes anyone want to read past the initial title. And then I draw a blank. So rather than stare at an empty word document for half an hour, I go make a coffee/do laundry/try to tackle one of the 457 things on my to-do list that day!
  2. I get distracted easily. I don’t think this is necessarily my fault, as the distractions aren’t things like tv, or random youtube searches, or snacking… (Ok, maybe there’s a little snacking involved!) But as a mama to two kids under four, my attention gets pulled in different directions a LOT! So I sit down to write, only to notice my two year old has launched herself from the arm of the couch to the windowsill… and is now running up and down the windowsill while fanning the vertical blinds (and simultaneously breaking the beading that holds them together!) So I stop thinking about what to write, and instead try to come up with ideas to stop my spider-monkey-toddler from climbing the walls… literally.
  3. I’m busy! I know, I know, this one sounds like a total excuse. But as any work from home parent will tell you – you don’t know true multitasking until you have a two school runs to separate nurseries, two different pick up times, a mountain of laundry and cleaning from the chaos that is breakfast time, a fully booked business at the busiest time of year, another 7 days a week job as a photography mentor online, and tax return season looming (with receipts NOT in the place they should be!)

** Case in point ** I’ve just had to take a two hour break from this to deal with general mama duties, phone calls and other random stuff!

But here’s the point – I pushed to find the time to write this – because it’s SO easy for us all to get wrapped up with things that keep us busy, that we forget to actually connect with the outside world. Yeah I say hi to my postman, and I nod and smile politely to my neighbour – and of course I chat daily to clients and to members in the online group I mentor in… but what about time to connect to people just by being ME? Not Mama-Me, or Mentor-Me, or Wife-Me… and not even Photographer-Me…but just writing where my true personality can have a chance to come out (whether that’s a good or bad thing I’ll let you decide!)

So if you’ve stuck with me this long, hopefully that means I haven’t bored you to death yet. And as an intro to blogging – this is about as real as it gets with me – written in between editing and mentoring, school runs, lunch prep, client phone calls, emails and chasing toddlers. But what I write – is raw, truthful and totally unapologetically me – unbrushed hair today and all!

And for those of you who like a little more meat to your bones, the plan is for future blogs to actually talk about all my awesome clients, and on tips and tricks wildly linked to photography… probably. If not, hopefully everyone is happy to read a little about the life of a juggling mama/business owner/mentor/entrepreneur… and I haven’t even mentioned my love of Gin yet. I think I’ll save that for a future blog!

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