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Meet Edel – Your Photographer!

  1. I met Matt, my husband, on my very first night in the UK, after my FIRST DAY of university. He tried to woo me with his dance moves…. That didn’t work. It took another three years of friendship before I got over the trauma of his dancing and agreed to date him!
  2. I grew up in Ireland, surrounded by cows, sheep and countryside. As a teenager, I was bored out of my mind… they didn’t even have a bus route! Now though, it’s a welcome retreat to visit home… though they STILL don’t have bus routes!
  3. I LIVE for coffee… instant jars, ground beans, flavoured sachets, whatever – I’ll take it!
  4. I HAVE to have a glass of water by my bed every night…just in case I might get thirsty. I rarely drink it – but feel like things aren’t quite right if it’s not there!
  5. OK this does link to photography, but it’s a pretty cool fact… I’m also a Mentor for an online Photography Education platform called Cole’s Classroom– they’re known globally and I am SO PRIVILEGED to be able to work with and mentor thousands of photographers every day!
  6. I spent years in the Education sector as an English Teacher – I LOVE working with children! The marking? Eh…not so much.
  7. When I’m not working… I’m embracing the moments. I have two toddlers… a three year old who LOVES all things sealife, and a one year old who LOVES all things dangerous/out of reach …she climbs EVERYTHING! I’m certainly kept on my toes with both, but my little family are my “WHY” to everything I do – and I wouldn’t have them any other way.
  8. I LOVE Harry Potter – the books AND the movies. I even had watching the movies down on my birth plan as I find them therapeutic!
  9. I love my comfort foods… pasta, cheese, bread, beef, potatoes and warm hearty vegetables… Irish Stew is my happy place! (Clearly the weighing scales after that lot is NOT my happy place)
  10. I am a nature lover – I love sunsets and open fields, forests thick with wild flowers and beautiful, glistening lakes. I am NOT an insect lover however… why do my favourite places have to be crawling in creepy crawlies?!

Alright, so you have learned a few things about me now. But if you DID want to know a little more, read on!

I have probably never lived a more chaotic life than what I do right now…balancing spending time with my kids and husband, and running a successful business, AND mentoring thousands of photographers daily through online support, tutorials and workshops… it’s a crazy but utterly wonderful juggling act. And I’ve never felt so fulfilled and happy as I do now.

My style is relaxed, and candid, and experience focused. I won’t ever ask a client to stand and face the camera and say “Cheese”! For me, it’s about capturing the essence of who you are, the connection, the emotion, the laughter. Sure, I’ll help you get more relaxed with me and the camera, but your session will be one where you look back at the photos in years to come, and remember those exact moments – the fun, the love, the perfectly imperfect chaos of life!

I am chatty, and friendly, and believe that NOTHING in this life is more precious than the people we love. Every day is a day we can’t get back – so I want to live each day with as little regret as possible and filled with as many good moments as we can squeeze in!

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